Sustainable sanitation in all fields of application


Methodes of Applications: 

Spraying / Rinsing / Dipping / Fogging / Continuously Dosing


extremely time-saving

secure for all users/applications



Agriculture (Hors-Sol), Flower Farming

Agriculture  (Hors-Sol), Flower Farming

hydroponic nutrient solutions
ambient air disinfection
equipment, machines, tools
postharvest disease control
flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc.
containers, sorting equipment
washing plants, processing machines
machines, tools, working clothes
refrigeration/cold storage
air conditioning systems

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Oxytech Disinfectants

Oxytech disinfection products are highly effective, universally applicable (broadband) disinfectants. The reliable effect against pathogen bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi, Protozoen, without any side effects, was repetitive tested and confirmed by internationally accepted institutes. In contradiction to many other biocides, Oxytech disinfection products possess additionally an outstanding effect against bio films, without harmful side effects. 
Disinfection products are highly effective against

- pathogenic bacteria
- viruses
- yeasts
- fungi
- protozoa
- bio films

without any side effects, repeately tested and confirmed by internationally accepted institutes.


Application Fields Oxytech

Oxytech provides high-quality standard of hygiene, particularly for requirements of industry.
  kitchens, food & vegetables
Hotels, Restaurants, Catering companies
kitchen surfaches, food & vegetables
  food production & diary industry
Building Services & Facility Management
  water disinfection

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